Get your closet and yourself in shape for fall fashions.

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I'm getting ready to tackle the dreaded job of purging my closet this weekend.   I'm sure I could find something else to do this weekend that would be way more fun, but let's face, it really must be done at least once a year!  Besides, it is too hot to do anything outdoors.    I like to recommend to my clients that they do this spring and fall, that way it's not quite as daunting!  I'm going to make room for new fall fashions, as well as bring back my favorite classics that have been spending the summer in the guest room.  I'm going to be particularly ruthless this time, since I lost 22 pounds last spring!  I will not be back to that size, so why keep the clothes?   (That was thanks to Danee Barnett, AP, DOM - and her amazing diet plan.)  

 It's time to get in shape in every aspect of your life... Lotus can help. We are so excited to carry active lines that keep us fit and looking good! It's hard to find comfortable, light and sexy activewear, that's why we love Koral and Vimmia! 

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 Koral Activewear is designed and crafted in Los Angeles, CA with the highest quality standards.

Versatility, elegance, and figure flattering fabrics are top priority for designer Ilana Kugel, who combines her native Brazilian flavor with L.A. sensibility. Featuring unique mix-and- match loungewear and activewear pieces, the collection’s sophisticated hues create slimming contours and elevate the female silhouette.

The 2014 activewear collection features sports bras, tanks, and cropped pants with mesh detailing in eye-popping colors; a sexy brushed elastane jumpsuit; and one of a kind Infinity leggings and shorts with high-fashion sheen. From Koral’s loungewear collection, find lightweight French terry and cotton slub cropped tops, tank tops, and lounge pants; two-way jackets (long sleeved or vest); and stripped jersey cardigans to wear with the coordinating activewear.

Koral introduces Infinity, a new revolutionary fabric for 2014 that is notably comfortable, soft to the touch and durable, retaining its shape and resisting chlorine ten times more than conventional fabrics. The collection also includes pieces cut with Evanesce by Koral, a unique moisture management fiber built to wick away perspiration and sustain any sudorific situation.

Koral’s signature fabric, Evanesce, is a high performance fabric that gives incredible support and serious stretch combined with compression technology. The slight compression supports muscles, reducing oscillation and muscle fatigue by improving blood flow. Softness is one of Evanesce’s most notable qualities, paired with water wicking and odor reducing abilities. These basic activewear staples are designed for all activities. Evanesce keeps you confident, cool, and comfortable throughout high-endurance workouts.




Vimmia is a collection of luxe performance activewear styles developed and designed for the woman who balances life, love, family, fitness and time for her self. After months of research, planning and testing, Vimmia was launched providing the highest quality fabrics, precision fits, total comfort, forward yet classic styling, and true performance credibility. They also set very high standards for a high degree of social and economic compliance, and strive to keep the vast majority of their production local in Los Angeles, California.


 We encourage you to incorporate Vimmia into your own passionate missions in this life, and please remember to enjoy your journey and as much as reaching your destination. The word Vimmia is derived from the Latin word vim meaning “life force.” To live with vim is to vow to live every day feeling healthy, confident, and present in your body.  We celebrate your mission in getting stronger, wiser and healthier on a daily basis. 


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