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In the first of our new series, Made in America, we are proud to feature Melissa Joy Manning, founder and creator of her eponymous jewelry line.  Not only does Melissa create all of her gorgeous pieces of jewelry in America, she is also one of the few jewelry designers to really support sustainable practices in the fashion world.  As any of you that have shopped with me at Lotus for a long time know, we started out as an organic lifestyle shop.  Although we re-invented the shop to become a fashion boutique early on, the love of organic, handmade and sustainable creations has remained our one of our passions.

Using recycled gold, precious metals and stones, including materials found only in America such as Herkimer Diamonds and various agates, the designer has created a brand that produces a luxury, heirloom-quality collection using ethical, Green Certified practices.  Many of her designs are inspired by her world travels and the beauty of nature, some reflect her personal heritage, and even the history of her studio and shop in New York City.  Her belief in creating 100% hand-crafted jewelry sets her apart from many designers who use pre-made settings.  Employing artists in both her San Francisco and New York City studios, every piece is a creative work of art that truly keeps each step of the creation Made in America.  In addition, many of her pieces are one of a kind creations, making them even more precious.  

In this video, you will meet Melissa Joy Manning who shares her creative process and why it is important to her to create pieces that are handmade, sustainable, and that support local artists in America.  In the interview with Melissa prior to the CFDA Eco Fashion Awards, she talks about her design process and what it means to her.  She won the award in 2013.

True fact:  The designer made her first piect of jewelry at age four!  "I don't even remember wanting to be a jewelry designer" says Melissa Joy Manning.  "I just was!"  "I wanted to live an authentic life in pursuit of my craft."  Her collections continue to grow and evolve, and we look forward to following her along her path and to offering her beautiful creations to you, our loyal followers, for a long time to come.  You can shop her collection here and in our Main Street boutique.

Watch the video! 

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