Veronica Beard, the Brand and the women behind it

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What are the chances that two Veronica's marry two brothers?  Top that with having a similar style vibe and actually liking each other and you have the birth of a brand.

After leaving their respective career paths in finance and fashion to raise their kids, Veronica Beard designers Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard found themselves constantly talking about a void in the market for cool, classic and chic clothing that you could live in. The concept of the uniform was born and the Dickey Jacket was their first must have piece.  Everyone was like "The dickey? I haven't heard of that since the 70's!"  With the impeccable tailoring of their signature jackets and the convertible and interchangeable zip-in dickeys, the core that their brand was built.  From that base, their vision of the VB girl evolved.  As they put it, "We believe our greatest advantage is the fact that we know our customer so well. She is the focus of every conversation here at Veronica Beard."  

In store now at Lotus on Main Street (shop here right now) you'll find button down ruched shirt dresses, pretty peplum tops, wide leg pants and beautiful of-the-moment embroidered pieces.  Did you buy a jacket this year?   Talk to Harmoni about adding another zip-in dickey to switch up the look!

So what are we looking forward to for the upcoming seasons?  Build on the base that you have established, as the basic pieces will have a long and happy life in your wardrobe.  The designers don’t reinvent their look every season, but they do know what sparks their customers’ interest. "The VB girl isn’t willing to buy something unless she has an instant, gotta-have-it feeling about it."  The Veronicas’ upcoming collection was inspired by summer in the country, “baked” colors, and, as always, a touch of nautical prep. Veronica Beard will always be known for its blazers and zip-in dickies, but their ruched dresses and miniskirts have become new signatures.  Wear the ruched paisley midi dress with sandals or a cardigan around your shoulders, it's a fresh day-to-night look. 

I for one can't wait to get my hands on a few new pieces!



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