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By now, the term "Shop Local" has been heard to refer to everthing from farmers markets and resturants to your local cheese monger (Artisan Cheese Shop)  and more.   Food seems to be the comon thread most of the time, but why should you shop at your local fashion boutiques?

I'm going to share some facts that you may not be aware of, so next time you're tempted to grab your laptop and go to that BIG well known online shop, give your locals some love first.

For starters, your local fashion boutiques are owned and run by your neighbors.  They most likely live in your town, know lots of the same people you do, and are aware of all the events and social gatherings in your town.  They support your schools and community with their taxes and give to your local charities.  They can be a complete referral resource for hair stylists, doctors, dentists, etc. and always know the best new restaurants and watering holes!  

Your local boutique owners plan ahead and shop the designers and showrooms that bring you the appropriate styles for your weather, events and trends!  They know you, and even shop with YOU personally in mind!  Now doesn't that make you feel special?  

Not only do they shop for you, they are available to be your personal stylist!   Did you know that if you make an appointment with Wendy or Harmoni they will clear their schedule to work with you one on one to style you for everything from a special event or weekend trip to a seasonal wardrobe or even a complete closet make over?  Just give them a call, 941-906-7080!

When you shop with us at Lotus, all of our friendly stylists are trained and professional.  Whether you are shopping at our Downtown location or Siesta Key, we all know our inventory at both shops and can transfer for you within a day.  Shopping should be fun, and we want you to go home and love everything you buy.   When possible, we will special order your size or color choice.   

Now for the financial facts:   More of the money you spend locally stays in your town!   According to a study conducted by research firm Civil Economics, $73 of every $100 dollars spent with local independently owned business stays in the community vs. $43 of every $100 spent with non-locally owned businesses.  The percentage is even lower when spent with non-local online businesses, since they don't even pay taxes or employ locally.  Now we realize we all like to shop in our pj's once in a while, so just look at your local boutiques websites first!  www.LotusSarasota.com

In closing, we want you to know how much we appreciate you and we look forward to helping you plan your spring wardrobe!  New fashions are arriving every day at both locations, so we hope to see you soon! 


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