Adorn yourself this Christmas!

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Renee Shepard

Adorn - : to make (someone or something) more attractive by adding something beautiful

Since The Old Stone Age, 25,000 years ago, women have been adorning themselves with jewelry.  Throughout history, every culture has used gold and gemstones to decorate themselves, ward off evil spirits, attract a mate and celebrate life's moments.  The Sumerian people of the ancient Middle East wore a lot of jewery.  Women wore headresses, large earrings, nose rings, multiple layers of necklaces, bracelets on both wrists and layers of ankle bracelets that jangled when they walked and danced.  Truly, they defined the word adornment!

Flash forward circa today - and just in time for the holiday season, Lotus brings you a collection of fine jewelry designers with gorgeous 14K gold and gemstone jewelry pieces to choose from to continue the tradition of adornment.  

If there is one time of year to indulge yourself it is during the holidays!  Face it, if you have a family you are probably busy shopping for everyone else, but you should have a nice treat too!     Of course, don't hesitate to pass this along to your significant other as a not so subtle hint!  

Single?   Then how about showing yourself some love with a special gift from you to you?  

Can't make it in to the boutique?  Not a problem, shop here!  


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