We know it's hard, but lets try to understand the boyfriend!

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Let's talk a little about the boyfriend... It's comfortable, sexy, flattering and adds a touch of bohemian to the everyday jean. Wear them with a flat, bootie, or pump and pair them with a front tucked blouse, slouchy tee or even a blazer and you're done!  Now let's talk about the little thing we call a cuff, we’re not suggesting that the cuffing of a pant is groundbreaking or a new, but when we see a fresh take on wearing jeans, we take note. This cuffed look is more of a gentle, casual roll and it’s one of the easiest ways to add a tiny hint of laid-back style to your outfit!

There’s a bit of a science to this relaxed cuff thing:

  • Start with gently wrinkled denim, which holds its shape better than an ironed-flat pair. 

  • Depending on how much skin you’d like to show, fold the jeans up once, approximately two inches. Make sure this cuff is a bit larger than your ideal final roll—the extra fabric keeps the look loose, rather than starched and precise.

  • For your last and final move, gently roll the jeans another time and lightly tug the cuff downward. You're Done, now go be fabulous!

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